“Directors’ Cut”

May 19 on IGTV.

New monologues written, rehearsed and recorded in 24 hours created by some of the best theater directing minds in the business. We paired 21 theater directors each with a single collaborator to craft unique pieces for our ninth edition of the Viral Monologues.

The Monologues

  • What’s in the Box, Paul” by DAVID LINDSAY-ABAIRE, directed and performed by CYNTHIA NIXON
  • A Poem.” written and performed by ZOE LISTER-JONES, directed by LEIGH SILVERMAN
  • Out for Delivery” written and directed by MOLLY BEACH MURPHY, performed by COBIE SMULDERS
  • Great Banter” by TALENE MONAHON, performed by NOAH ROBBINS, directed by MIA WALKER
  • Jess in the Closet” written and performed by MADDIE CORMAN, directed by GORDON GREENBERG
  • a baby is like a bathrobe” by ELIZABETH IRWIN, directed by ADRIENNE CAMPBELL-HOLT, performed by BRIAN WILES
  • See Ya” by RYAN SPAHN, directed by MICHAEL URIE, performed by HAL ROBINSON and CONNOR DELVES
  • Peanut butter” written and performed by KATE HAMILL, directed by GAYE TAYLOR UPCHURCH
  • Go Tigers!” by CAT MILLER, directed by SEAN DANIELS, performed by VERONIKA DUERR
  • What’s Up Bro” written and performed by DANNY HOCH, directed by ZI ALIKHAN
  • Fully Furnished” by TED MALAWER, directed by JAKE BECKHARD
  • metamorphosis” by LILY HOUGHTON, directed by DANYA TAYMOR, performed by GABRIEL EBERT
  • Open Call: Living Museum” written and performed by ARI GRAYNOR, directed by PATRICIA MCGREGOR
  • Otherwise Engaged” by LOVELL HOLDER, directed by KRISTIN HANGGI, performed by NATALIE ROY and KRISTIN HANGGI
  • What’s Already There” written and performed by TODD ALMOND, directed by RAJA FEATHER KELLY
  • Birth/Day” written and directed by TIMOTHY DOUGLAS, performed by LAUREN SPEED-HAMILTON
  • Persimmons” written and performed by EISA DAVIS, directed by COLETTE ROBERT
  • John” written and performed by HEIDI ARMBRUSTER, directed by MATT DICKSON
  • you can’t sit with us.” written by CHRISTOPHER OSCAR PEÑA, directed by SAMMI CANNOLD, performed by MAURICIO MARTINEZ
  • Rescue Me” written and performed by LEMON ANDERSEN, directed by TAYLOR REYNOLDS
  • Linda Deserves So Much More Than This” by KRISTOFFER DIAZ, directed by CAROLYN CANTOR, performed by VIVIAN KORINS, DANIELLE SKRAASTAD and LINDA CANTOR

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