The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals present an opportunity for young artists to meet their peers and begin building the relationships that will serve them throughout their careers. We seek the very best of the next generation of theatermakers and we arm them with what they need in order to find their way in this business.

Previous Nationals have featured discussions with Annie Baker, Jocelyn Bioh, Renee Blinkwolt, Michael Chernus, Claire Danes, Kristoffer Diaz, Maria Dizzia, Timothy Douglas, Rachel Dratch, Joel Marsh Garland, Lucas Hnath, Julia Jordan, Thomas Kail, Karen Kohlhaas, Warren Leight, Aasif Mandvi, Lou Moreno,
Bruce Norris, Denis O’Hare, A. Rey Pamatmat, Austin Pendleton, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Max Posner, Adam Rapp, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Christopher Shinn, Leigh Silverman, Lucy Thurber, Liesl Tommy and many other stage and screen professionals.

This four-day intensive is brought to participants completely free by The 24 Hour Plays and supporting sponsors. Interested in learning more about how to keep this program thriving? Support us here.

Applications are available online now. All applications must be completed by April 1st (by 11:59 PM) to be considered. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-25 on August 1st, 2019.

Please note: you cannot participate in the program more than once (but you may submit multiple applications in one year if you’d like to be considered for more than one role.) If you have any questions, please contact Madelyn Paquette at

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Alumni of The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals are everywhere in the entertainment industry, on and off Broadway, in television and film, in the leadership of theaters here and abroad. Past participants include playwrights Bekah Brunstetter, Kim Davies, Olivia Dufault, Laura Jacqmin, Mike Lew, Korde Tuttle, Celine Song; actors Pico Alexander, Satya Babha, Bobby Moreno, Coral Peña, Zoe Perry, Will Rogers, Brandon Scott, Chris Smith and Chelsea Spack; producers Shariffa Ali, Kelcie Beene, Rachel Helson, and Carly Hugo; and directors James Dacre, Colette Robert, and Laura Savia.


The 2018 Nationals company, under the leadership of artistic producer Patti Anne Miller and managing producer Hope Chavez, included actors Alexandra Slater, Amandine Thomas, Andrea Ferro, Auberth Bercy, Ben Salus, Brandon Fox, Calum Bedborough, Connor Bryant, Edison Ventura Mata, Isabella Dawis, Jackie Abbott, Jordan Bellow, Julius Powell, Karoline Xu, Kelsey Pressnall, Kristen Krak, Marielle Young, Maya Naomi Carter, McLean Peterson, Missy Hamblet, Olive McGowen, Simon Schaitkin, Wesley Zurick, and William Mandell Valles; directors Aaron Simon Gross, Ali Jamali, Conor Bagley, Emily Messana, Jasmine B. Gunter, and Victoria Gruenberg; playwrights Eliana Pipes, Fiona Gorry-Hines, Hannah Manikowski, Maxine Dillon, Megan Pope, and Stefani Kuo; composer Angela Sclafani; and producers Alexandra Cadena, Catherine Giddings, Coleman Clark, Jordyn Boscia, Mary Sanders, and Natalie Hustek.