The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals

Bringing together the next generation of theatermakers to create new work and form career-long artistic relationships.

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The Plays


Written by Conlan Carter
Directed by Leyton Cassidy

Alessandra Mesa
Jack Plowe
Brooke Reynolds
Gloria Zengales

Spread the Gospel

Written by Gethsemane Herron-Coward
Directed by Harrison Densmore

Kelley Nicole Dugan
Zina Ellis
Jacob Osborne
Kyle Michael Yoder

Nothing Beside Remains

Written by Elisabeth Frankel
Directed by Gabrielle Hoyt

Allison Haglund
Wesley T. Jones
Drita Kabashi
Ben Manno

Lucky Number

Written by Catia Sofia Cunha
Directed by Lauren Z. Adleman

Austin Jennings Boykin
Teresa Langford
Molly-Ann Nordin
Harmony Zhang

The Birth of Toby

Written by Dave Harris
Directed by Jake Beckhard

David Rosenberg
Alexandra Templer
Natalie Walker
Gregory George

Happily Maybe Sometime

Written by Juli Del Prete
Directed by Noam Shapiro

Jacqueline Guillen
Will Jacobs
Lauren Rachel Modiano
Miranda Stevens

Musical Guest


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