Broadway Gala 2001

Six brand-new plays written, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours!

Minetta Lane
Supporting Working Playground

The Plays

Kiss and Tell

Written by Tamara Jenkins
Directed by Seth Rosenfeld

Brendan Sexton III // Boy
Scarlett Johansson // Girl
Drena DeNiro // Woman

Assistant Director: Jordana Davis


Written by Richard LaGravenese
Directed by Anna Strasberg

Kyra Sedgwick // Kyra
Julianne Moore // Julianne
Catherine Kellner // Catherine

Assistant Director: Sara Lamm

A Living Room

Written by Frank Pugliese
Directed by Itamar Kubovy

Fisher Stevens // Fisher
Marisa Tomei // Marisa
Philip Seymour Hoffman // Phil
Adam Nelson // Adam

Assistant Director: Philip Naudé

Nine Ten

Written by Warren Leight
Directed by Tom Gilroy

Mary-Louise Parker // Leslie
Robert Sean Leonard
// John
Natasha Lyonne
// Kearrie
Andre Royo
// Nick
Rosie Perez
// Lyris

Assistant Director: Sara Tuft

A While

Written by Nicole Burdette
Directed by Pippin Parker

Billy Crudup // Suit
Benjamin Bratt // Man
Brice Gaillard // Girl
Jared Harris // Hammy

Assistant Director: Matthew Brookshire


Written by Chris Shinn
Directed by Gregory Mosher

Brent Cox // Speaker
Sam Rockwell // Austin
Lili Taylor // Lisa
Liev Schreiber // Larry

Assistant Director: Maus Drechsler

Musical Guests

Mike Doughty

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