Why Do It



“One of my favorite nights of the year...  It all adds up to an anything-can-happen vibe for both the actors and the audience which makes the night completely unique.”

         - Rachel Dratch, Performer


When a group of actors, writers, directors, and producers are given just 24 hours to create, rehearse, and tech six short original plays, amazing things happen. The experience is profoundly rewarding, culminating in a complete performance with lights, sound, props and costumes to a live theatre audience.


" Like running into a burning house, surviving, and then setting the house on fire again because you missed the excitement."

         - Julia Stiles, Performer


Time and time again, we find that going through the process gives rise to an enormous feeling of accomplishment, generates creative relationships, and nurtures a renewed sense of self-confidence and purpose. 


Every time I see The 24 Hour Plays, I marvel at the process. Regardless of whether each play was performed in a garage or on a Broadway Stage, or at The Old Vic, each is the culmination of just one day's work. With peer practitioners who only met the day before. In an unfamiliar theatre. With just minutes of tech time. No dress rehearsal. No prompt book. No safety net. The experience is magical.  And I think it reminds you why you fell in love with theatre in the first place

         - Kevin Spacey, Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theatre


Writers see their ideas processed and performed overnight, actors work feverishly to absorb their role, directors rekindle their confidence in their instincts, and producers use each moment to it’s greatest potential, guiding the shortest rehearsal and tech process known to man.



“The Wild West of Theater!”

                Amber Heard, Performer


"A thrilling and unique experience”

         - America Fererra, Performer/Director



“Thrilling and satisfying as a performer. Outside of Chinese New Years, 24 Hour Play day is my favorite day of the year"

         - David Cross, Performer



 “The 24 Hour Plays gives students the chance to step out of their fear and into their greatness.”

         - Rosie Perez, Performer



Each time I’m involved in the process, I’m reminded just how insane and incredible collaboration can be, especially when there's too little time to over think anything, and everyone involved is just going with their gut. It's also just plain fun, which sometimes we forget to have, and a great opportunity to try things - characters, questions etc - that might be totally nuts  

         - Bekah Brunstetter, Award-Winning Playwright



 “The 24 Hour Plays® legacy is a professional lifetime of collaborations between actors, directors, writers and producers who have met on (and survived!) the project.”

         - James Grieve, Artistic Director of Paines Plough



 “You always see the most incredible personal and professional growth take place in the artists involved.  There's great confidence to be taken from realizing that, if you can do this project, you can do pretty much anything.”

         - Rachael Stevens, Producer: The 24 Hour Plays®: Old Vic/New Voices, 2006-10